Data Base Administrator


To manage the database engine capabilities in an effective and efficient manner in order to provide the site with dependable, robust, secure and extensible databases designed to meet the objectives of the applications they support.


  • Advanced English Speaker. Fluent in verbal and written English. High Proficiency level (85 %>) (must).
  • University bachelor's degree or advanced student in Computer Science or Systems Engineering (must).
  • Full schedule flexibility (must).
  • Advanced .NET Framework knowledge (must).
  • Advanced Technical software documentation creation (must).
  • Experienced on IS design, programming, Database design and administration (must).
  • MS SQL Server proficiency (MCSA/MCSE Certifications are a plus): Transact-SQL, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, Configuration Tools.
  • Integration Services experience.
  • Reporting Services experience.
  • Power BI experience.
  • Information systems development cycle knowledge
  • Ability to function in a team environment
  • Analytical thinking
  • Organized
  • Capable of working and reach results under pressure
  • Capability to assimilate a dynamic environment
  • Proactive
  • Object Oriented
Customer Service


  • To design a structured logical and physical database architecture in order to improve performance and ease of administration.
  • To secure production databases and guard, them from being accessed by non-authorized personnel or third parties to safeguard the confidentiality of internal information.
  • To perform periodical tuning in the production applications in order to optimize their performance as they grow in size and complexity.
  • To select, use and verify optimal database backup and recovery procedures to ensure database recoverability in case of a contingency event.
  • To determine the correct number and size of database components and their distribution across hardware resources to allow them to support all the transactions they are intended to handle.
  • To conduct monitoring on the production databases and scheduled data management jobs to guarantee appropriate performance and detect possible errors in a preventive or corrective manner.
  • To perform any other tasks, duties, or services requested by his/her immediate superior.
  • To research on the advantages of new database products and technologies and their usage appropriateness within the company in relation with the current technical environment
  • To suggest the acquisition of database tools in order to improve the security, administration and performance of the databases being used
  • To select and use the best possible approach to deploy, maintain and secure the production databases throughout the hardware resources available
  • To choose the most efficient and practical schema to back up the databases and guarantee their usefulness in case of a contingent event by periodical recover tests
  • To provide training to the development team on how to take advantage of the database products and technologies available based on the vendor recommendations
  • To create and organize all data migration and synchronization tasks between local and external databases and schedule them appropriately
  • To conduct all database tuning efforts and suggest the modification of queries and designs, creation of indexes, constraints and defaults to optimize application responsiveness

Competitive salary based on experience and skills.

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