Linux technical support


To efficiently provide high quality and accurate resolutions to customers under stipulated policies and procedures, in a constant evolving environment by offering world class customer support.


  • Identify problems and search solutions to offer answers to solve questions from costumers using the given channel of communication.
  • Take and follow up frequent cases until they are resolved.
  • Document correctly the data base using the given tools in order to keep track of costumer’s request through data entry.
  • Be aware of current procedures to offer accurate information
  • Provide first contact resolution options
  • Provide technical information.
Trilingual Technical Support Specialist


    • Advanced English Speaker. Fluent in verbal and written English. High Proficiency level (85 %> orally and overall)
    • Schedule flexibility: to work all schedules weekdays and weekends.
    • Linux CLI Proficiency
    • Position: HEREDIA Site
    • Linux command-line interface (CLI) proficiency

      • Navigation through the bash/dash shells, including: Location of common files such as system logs, mail logs, startup scripts, and user limits
      • Gaining remote access to other hosts
      • Gaining remote access to other hosts
      • Manipulation of files and directories, including
      • Moving, renaming, and deleting
      • Transferring files between hosts
      • Comprehension of, and skill in, manipulating file system permissions for files and directories

      User and groups

      • Reading user and group ownership of files and directories.
      • Adding and removing users.
      • Switching between user shells
      • Using the super-user/root (sudo) administration tool correctly.
      • When to use the root user.

      Linux performance and diagnostic tools proficiency

      • Viewing system performance at-a-glance, including Central Processing Unit (CPU), read-only memory.
      • (RAM), and disk usage.
      • Assessing CPU and disk performance, Input/Output, and wait times.
      • Opening files and opening connections.
      • Assessing Networking tools.
      • Assessing testing connectivity.
      • Assessing port status.

      Microsoft Windows proficiency

      • Viewing and assessing Group Policy controls.
      • Viewing and assessing Active Directory general structure – Forest, trees, domain.
      • Editing file permissions.
      • Collecting Microsoft Windows (MSI) installer logs.
      • Using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
      • Configuring LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
      • Services.

      General Knowledge

      • Domain Name Server – how to query.
      • Determining Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) vs User Datagram Protocol (UDP)_by looking at network traffic.
      • Viewing and assessing Networking/Subnets architecture and structure.

Competitive salary based on experience and skills.

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