Team Managers at Sykes Moravia


Manage a team efficiently fulfilling account's contract requirements through a proper and efficient use of company and client's resources.


  • Drive account performance thru KPIs at Team and agent level.
  • Coach agents on patterns, job performance, quality, policies, procedures, norms and regulations.
  • Conduct PEP Talks and implement performance improvement action plans.
  • Elaborate and deliver agents' performance appraisals (PA).
  • Apply account tests to agents.
  • Monitor agents' calls transactions from the quality perspective.
  • Make up on agents' requests for quality transactions re-evaluation process.
  • Attend quality calibration sessions; both internal (SYKES driven) and external (client driven).
  • Implement and control the results of performance improvement plans for their team members.
  • Motivate agents in regards their work and performance improvement opportunities.
  • Use and Aspire as coaching documentary tool.
  • Monitor queued calls or transactions backlogs to address staffing needs in his team.
  • Follow up on disciplinary actions.
  • Control attendance and absenteeism.
  • Communicate new account and company's policies, procedures, norms and regulations.
  • Follow up on plans to keep attrition and turnover under estimations.
  • Report the misuse of account and company's budget and assets.
  • Validate and give first approval to payroll reports.
  • Register and, if necessary, coordinate special transportation requests for agents.
  • Assist agents on medical services requests.
  • Inform the Communication Team about newborns or agents' relatives' deceases.
  • Assist agents in regards account and company's policies, procedures, norms and regulations.
  • Follow agent schedule processes.
  • Make Place ITS requests for hardware, software or telephone problems.
  • Receive new agents in the team and assure they have the tools to correctly and timely perform their job at all times.
  • Follow agent dismissal, resignation and abandon processes.
CISCO Security Analyst


  • Advanced English Speaker. Fluent in verbal and written English. High Proficiency level (87 %>) (must).
  • At least one-year of experience as a team leader (must).
  • Schedule flexibility: to work all schedules weekdays and weekends (must).
  • Be able to work at SYKES Moravia site (must).
  • WFM availability* (desired* in case operation gets moved due to COVID-19).
  • Student or bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Bank & Finance or Accounting is highly desirable.
  • Leadership, and critical thinking skills
  • Initiative on innovation
  • People oriented skills.
  • Results oriented skills
  • Coach or PAL certificate.
  • Ability to organize data and transform it into information.
  • Advance Knowledge in how to interact with a Microsoft Windows Operative System.
  • Advance Internet Tools.
  • Able to use available report generators for timely data.
  • Able to accumulate data from numerous sources and verify accuracy.
  • Able to compile necessary data and verify accuracy.
  • Able to prepare status reports.
  • Able to perform Data Analytics.
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate the service consistently with the established parameters, policies and procedures.
  • Ability to solve complex problems.
  • Ability to observe patterns, irregularities and exceptions.
  • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and make valid conclusions.
  • Ability to present special situations in a positive way, promoting performance improvement.
  • Able to prepare an action plan and document a follow up procedure.
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals and technical procedures.
  • Excellent attendance record.
  • Ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond questions from managers, clients, end-users and public in general.
  • Able to write e-mails concisely.

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