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SYKES believes in the importance of its people. We strive to develop the best benefits and services, responding to your personal and professional needs.


  • Courtesy Phones

    Because we understand the importance of being in touch with your family and friends, courtesy phones are available for you at all locations.

  • ATMs

    We value your time and safety, ATMs are available in every building so you can make transactions without leaving the office.

  • Cafeterias

    All our buildings offer a variety of food, snacks and beverages. You can easily pay with your badge, the charge is deducted from your paycheck every week.

  • Parking Lot

    Free parking in all of our locations.


  • Medical Services

    Your health is our top priority, our In-house medical services offers medication and references to specialists (CCSS or INS).

    Workers Association

    You save 5% of your gross salary, and SYKES provides an additional 2% when you enroll. You’ll have access to great discounts, loans and savings programs!

    Language Courses

    In our on-site courses, you can upskill your English or learn a new language: Portuguese and Mandarin. Enrollment period is every 2 months!

  • Career Path Program

    Being exceptional at SYKES pays off. With our internal development program, we’ll prepare you with the knowledge and skills to grow professionally and be promoted.

  • Transportation

    We take you HOME from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Work late and get TO YOUR HOUSE safe!

  • Educational Reimbursement

    We are actively contributing to your future! Get a $300 Educational Reimbursement if you pass all your subjects with at least 80%.

  • Referral Bonus

    Work with your friends and get extra money with our Referral Bonus!

  • Pride Points
    Celebrating High Performance

    We recognize your effort and commitment to high performance, a variety of amazing products are available for you with our PRIDE points Program.

  • Health Care Campaigns

    Take care of your health! Throughout the year, we offer blood tests, PAP, physical health tips, among many other different campaigns.

  • SYKES Wellness 360 Program

    Work and life balance is important at SYKES. The Wellness 360 Program will promote your wellbeing with activities and workshops for your exercise, learn and entertain yourself.

  • Seniority Celebrations

    We celebrate your loyalty with us with 5,10 and 15 year anniversary activities.

  • Paid leaves of Absence

    Be with your family when they need you the most!
    - Marriage (3 business days)
    -Mourning (2 business days)
    -Childbirth (2 business days- for fathers only)

  • Tech Adacemy
    Development Opportunities

    If you'd like to develop a career at SYKES and be promoted, then TECH ACADEMY is for you! It is available to all SYKES employees at a low price and delivered by SYKES instructors; which guarantees theory and practice based on the industry's needs.

  • Variable Compensation

    VCS is a monetary reward paid by SYKES as a way to recognize and reward excellence, performance, teamwork and people who want to make a difference. This will be paid to all top performers exceeding our success goals.


All SYKES employees can take advantage of these exclusive discounts.

A Churrascaria
A Churrascaria 35% From Tuesday to Friday
30% Saturdays and Sundays on groups of 15 or more.
Address: Centro Comercial, La Ribera de Belen, Heredia.
Applebee's 20% On regular menu, it does not apply to other promotions.
₡3500 as a courtesy for the birthday boy/girl.
Bocata Green Deli
Bocata Green Deli 10% On Regular Menu. It does not apply to special promotions.
Addrees: Sigma Building, San Pedro, San Jose.
Bol Cariari
Bol Cariari 15% On Bowling alleys.
Regular prices.
Boliche Dent
Boliche Dent 15% On bowling alleys.
Regular prices.
Boston Colegio Universitario
Boston Colegio Universitario 60% On all enrollments
15% On ""Colegiatura"".
Carpes Gimnasio
Carpes Gimnasio Discounts on enrollment and Monthly fees
Address: 50 meters East of Barreal CENADA, Heredia.
Casino Croc's
Casino Croc's 20% On Carara Spa
10% On Safiro, Logo Crocs, La cresta e Isla Bonita Stores.
Address: Jaco, Costa Rica.
800 m north Banco de Costa Rica.
Centro Recreativo Kalambu
Centro Recreativo Kalambu Ticket price ₡13,000 (adults)
Ticket price ₡6,500 (children)
Address: is just a short 5 minute drive, 2 miles west of La Fortuna.
Cinco Ceibas Rainforest Reserve & Adventure Park
Cinco Ceibas Rainforest Reserve & Adventure Park 20% On all services.(1 day tour)
Address: Pangola, Sarapiqui, Heredia, Costa Rica.
Clinica Asodent
Clinica Asodent 15% On dental treatments.
Address: Plaza Viquez, San Jose.
Colegio Universitario San Judas Tadeo
Colegio Universitario San Judas Tadeo 20% off enrollment fee and courses
Address: Rohrmoser, San José.
Economy Rent A Car
Economy Rent A Car Corporate Rate
Special Discounts on Deposits and more.
Enterprise Corporate Rate
Special Discounts on Deposits and more.
Roadside assistance: 2242-7878
Estética Neroli
Estética Neroli 20% in facial and body therapies, body shaping treatments and holistic nutrition.
10% in the rest of the services.
Escazu and Heredia.
Fisioadvance (Fisioterapia)
Fisioadvance (Fisioterapia) Discounts on therapeutic massages.
Discounts on diagnosis in treatment / injuries.
Address: Cariari City, Heredia, Costa Rica.
Hard Rock Café
Hard Rock Café 15% on regular menu. Does not apply to alcoholic beverages.
15% on Store's products.
Corporate discounts.
Hooters 15% on your order.
Locations: Heredia Plaza Bratsi, Alajuela Plaza Mango, Escazu Plaza Itskazu, San Pedro, Cartago Plaza Metropoli.
Hotel Balcon Del Mar
Hotel Balcon Del Mar 20% On all services.
5% On Restaurant services.
Address: Jacó, Central Pacific, Costa Rica.
Hotel Holiday Inn San Jose
Hotel Holiday Inn San Jose Corporate Rates
Address: San Jose, in front of the Morazan Park.
La Paz Waterfall Gardens and The Peace Lodge
La Paz Waterfall Gardens & The Peace Lodge - 50% on Park Tickets
- 25% on buffet lunch
Discounts only apply on these dates (2017): Jan 15 - Apr 7; Apr 17 - Jun 30; Jul 17 - Dec 15.
Address: Vara Blanca, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Hotel Lands In Love
Hotel Lands In Love 15% On Reservations
Address: Route 702, road San Ramón to La Fortuna, 32 km from San Ramón.
Hotel Oceano
Hotel Oceano 20% On Reservations and rooms
Address: Lapa Verde Street, 500 meters east from Pops., Jaco Beach, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Instituto ILAC
Instituto ILAC 15% on enrollments and all courses.
Address: Fourth Avenue. Street 6 and 8. ILAC Building.
Jet Box
Jet Box $1 Membership
25% off shipping cost
$10 Jetbill gift for new customers.
($20 Shipping cost) birthday certificate.
La Antojeria Mexicana
La Antojeria Mexicana 10% On regular menu, from Monday to Thursday.
La Gloria
La Gloria 10% at Store.
Address: San José, Costa Rica.
Laboratorio Clinico San Jose
Laboratorio Clinico San Jose 30% on laboratory exams.
Megasuper 5% Cashback.
It will be applied on every purchase.
Day Care Be Montessori
Day Care Be Montessori Special price for SYKES employees (Go to Theplace / SYKES Benefits for more information)
Address: Heredia, San Antonio de Belen.
Moyo 15% On all the products
Stores: Multiplaza Escazu, Multiplaza de Curridabat, Lincoln Plaza, Avenida Escazu, Paseo de las Flores, Paseo Metropoli, Terramall, City Mall, Terrazas Lindora.
Nutrition Care
Nutrition Care 50% on nutritional advice and 20% on medical and molecular analysis
Address: Medical center La Guaria, Moravia.
Papa Jonh's
Papa Jonh's 15% On Regular Menu.
* It does not apply to special promotions.
Paradise Springs
Paradise Springs 10% off theoretical course.
Peppermint 15% on Regular Menu.
* It does not apply to other promotions.
Address: Tres Rí­os, Cartago, Costa Rica.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 10% on Express service.
Rain Forest
Rain Forest 30% to Sykes employees and group. 35% On groups of 10 or more.
Costa Rica Office: Barrio Escalante, Avenue 7, Streets 29 y 31, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Repuestos OCA
Repuestos OCA 15% on all products and services.
Stores: Zapote, Alajuela, Cartago, Guadalupe, Heredia, Tibas.
Tacontento 20% on regular menu.
Thermo Mania Resort-Spa
Thermo Mania Resort-Spa 10% On all the services.
Address: Guanacaste, Bagaces, Costa Rica.
Tony's Pizza
Tony's Pizza 20% on regular menu.
10% on combos.
Express for free: Moravia, San Pedro Heredia (Doesn't apply to Hatillo).
Restaurants: Lagunilla Heredia and Calle Blancos.
U Latina
U Latina 20% On ""Licenciatura"" and 2nd Career
* Only applies to new students.
Universidad Americana
Universidad Americana 20% On Bachelor's & ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
15% On ""Tecnicos""
* Only applies to new students.
Universidad Castro Carazo
Universidad Castro Carazo 15% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciaturas"",
20% On Master's degrees.
Universidad Catolica
Universidad Catolica 15% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
Universidad CenfoTEC
Universidad CenfoTEC 5% On ""Seminarios"",
15% On ""Tecnicos"" ,
10% On ""Diplomados"" and Bachelor's degrees,
5% On Master's degrees.
Universidad Creativa
Universidad Creativa 10% On Bachelor's degrees.
20% On ""Licenciatura"" and Master's degrees.
Universidad Hispanoamericana
Universidad Hispanoamericana New Students:
30% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
20% On Master's degree.
Universidad de las Ciencias y el Arte
Universidad de las Ciencias y el Arte 20% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
15% On Master's degree.
It only applies at San Jose Offices
Universidad Fidelitas
Universidad Fidelitas 30% on Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
20% On Master's degree.
* Only applies to new students.
Universidad del Turismo
Universidad del Turismo 15% On Bachelor's & "Licenciatura" degrees. (Doesn't apply to enrollments).
20% On free courses / language courses (Only applies to new students).
Address: Paseo Colón, San José.
Universidad Internacional de las Americas
Universidad Internacional de las Americas 15% On Bachelor's, ""Licenciaturas"" and Master's degrees.
* Only applies to new students.
Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia
Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia 20% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
Universidad Libre de Costa Rica
Universidad Libre de Costa Rica 15% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees.
Universidad Politecnica Internacional
Universidad Politecnica Internacional 20% On Bachelor's and ""Licenciatura"" degrees to new students.
Universidad San Marcos
Universidad San Marcos From 12% to 20% On Bachelor's, ""Licenciaturas"" and Master's degrees.
Villa Caletas & Palacio Zephyr
Villa Caletas & Palacio Zephyr 20% On regular rooms.
Typical Breakfast 2x1.
Vita Salud - 20% cash and 15% credit/debit card (Does not apply to dental treatments).
- 10% on dental treatments.
Address: Sigma Business San Pedro Costa Rica.
Discovery Montessori
Day Care Discovery Montessori Special price to SYKES employees
Address: Sabana Norte, San Jose
Kinder Pituquitos
Kinder Pituquitos Special price to SYKES employees
Address: Moravia, 200 meters South. SYKES Moravia
Day Care Creative Hands
Kinder Pituquitos Special price to SYKES employees
Address:San Pedro, Barrio Dent
Best Western Jaco Beach Resort
Best Western Jaco Beach Resort Corporate rate to SYKES employees
More information at Theplace
Gimnasio George Angulo
Gimnasio George Angulo Free Enrollment
*¢20,000 monthly fee (San Pedro, San Francisco Dos Ríos, Zapote, Sabanilla, San Miguel de Desamparados, San José Centro, Curridabat
*¢18,000 monthly fee (Barrio México, San Sebastián, San Francisco Los Sauces)
*¢15,000 monthly fee in Moravia Site
*VIP Full access (all Sites) Monthly ¢30,000, Biannual: ¢ 150.000, Annual: ¢ 290.000
It does not apply with other promotions
Farmacia Sucre
Farmacia Sucre Special discounts to SYKES employees
15% discount on influenza vaccine (FluQuadri and Ideflu)
15% discount on chronic medications
12% discount on rescue medications
It does not apply with other promotions
Universidad Central
Universidad Central
- 30% On Bachelor's degree
- 15% On "Licenciatura" degree
- It only applies to new students.
- Sites: Heredia, Alajuela, Central, Puriscal, Zona de los Santos
Restaurante COSI 15% discount on Regular Menu. It does not apply to special promotions, caterine service or Express service
Q'Rollo Heladerías Ice Cream ( 2 ingredients ) 1,500 colones. It does not apply to other promotions. Address: Terramall, Mall San Pedro and Cartago

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