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Developing Costa Rica's Technical Talent!

Tech Academy

The SYKES Tech Academy is managed by our Technical Development Department and in association with Fundación Omar Dengo, we help you develop your technical skills so you can have the right tools to start a technical career with us.

Tech Academy It is available to everyone at a low price and delivered by SYKES instructors; which guarantees theory and practice based on the industry’s needs.

The SYKES Tech Academy got its start as a project to create an "engineer factory" to provide a steady stream of talent for Our Cisco Client. We have been developing talent in Costa Rica to provide a high level of engineering support which we needed to take to a strategic approach by developing our bench strength.

SYKES' in-house Cisco training academy became one of the top rated Cisco training academies in the Latin America region and is a key tool for recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent to support Cisco.

There are many sources for network engineers, including both physical and virtual academies. Many of them are managed by schools and teachers. Our Tech Academy is managed by network engineers with more than five years of field experience that hold certifications in the subjects they teach.

When people come through the Tech Academy they not only know how to configure but can also troubleshoot. Where a typical network engineer may experience one or two incidents per year, a student in our Tech Academy will experience five or six per day. This is an added dimension for developing qualified network engineers. Academies run by universities may teach students the facts, but do not provide the hands-on experience that results in fast-start capabilities. And that’s just what you need to ramp quickly in your network support efforts.

The key to our customer's success is managing the secure flow of data across complex networks. The critical components for ensuring this happens are the engineers that monitor networks and provide technical support to your customers. Finding and keeping this talent as your business scales quickly to serve more customers is not easy. The demand for their skill sets has increased and will only continue to do so in the future as businesses become ever more reliant on IT.

The SYKES Tech Academy recruits, develops, and deploys this talent from pool of more than 4,000 candidates. Creating job and career opportunities is important to our people, us and our client's and their customers. This level of investment is necessary if the right help is to be provided consistently and to a high level by network engineers with globally recognized certifications.

2100 Students
since 2009
300 Module 4
84% Hired
in 2015


  • Comptia A+1 : 12 weeks
  • Comptia A+2 : 12 weeks
  • Linux : 12 weeks
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Programming in C++ Essentials
  • ICND 1 (Module 1 and Module 2 of Cisco): 24 weeks
  • ICND 2 (Module 3 and Module 4 of Cisco): 24 weeks
  • CCNA ISP: 12 weeks
  • CCNA Security : 12 weeks
  • CCNP (SW, Route, T-shoot): each one lasts 12 weeks and has a cost of $310 for Sykes employees and $440 for external students.

Courses are available for Sykes employees and non-SYKES employees.

The cost of each course for Sykes employees is $250.
If the student passes the course with 80, he/she will be reimbursed for its total cost.

The cost for non-SYKES employees is $310.
Reimbursement is not applicable.

The courses are taught by engineers with experience in the field.
The material is in English.

IT Essentials
$250 SYKES employees,
$310 non-employees
Starting the week of
October 3 rd
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