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Recruiting Assistant


To assist, guide, and provide an excellent experience to our new candidates during their onboarding process.

Hard skills
  • Advanced English Speaker (80-85%>) (desired).
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Assistant, filing, and documentation experience (desired).
  • Schedule flexibility including weekends.
  • Working on-site.
Soft skills
  • People-oriented skills.
  • Basic office experience.
  • Picks up and welcomes each candidate from the lobby after registration.
  • To maintain, organize, and make sure the area is in perfect conditions.
  • Prepare daily agenda and print documentation needed per candidate.
  • Get the computers ready & call out the candidates from the lobby area.
  • Provide instructions to each candidate on how to fill up and sign forms.
  • Hand out Job Contract forms, additional documentation to the candidate and indicates how it must be signed and filled.
  • Take badge picture.
  • Explain about email and policies candidates will be receiving on their email and dispatch them to the lobby.
  • Files creation.
  • Confirmation calls and documentation.
  • Tech Academy.
  • Educational Reimbursement.

Explore the benefits we have for you!

Our collaborators can enjoy many great benefits.

Flexible schedules

Our teams have schedules that adapt to your needs. Rest assured that we have the right one for you, even if you are studying.


We think about your professional growth, so at SYKES we have specific career plans to develop your skills day by day.

Compensation and benefits

Our collaborators can take advantage of discounts and agreements in universities, restaurants, among others.

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