Technical Academy

SYKES Tech Academy is one of our academies with more than 700 students per quarter, and more than 15 technical courses, grouped into 6 verticals: enterprise, compute, cloud, dev, software development, project management, and business intelligence and analytics.

What’s in it for me:


  • This subsidy will be 50% to pay the total cost of the course and 50% for your personal convenience.
  • Virtual course
  • Develop your professional profile.
  • Increase your job opportunities.
  • Level up your English level.
  • Learn by experts in the field.


  • To develop people outside the organization, who will be trained for a period of six months in computer networking and English.
  • The program includes 4 months of classes in CISCO technologies and two months in English to ensure that students meet the minimum requirements for technical knowledge and efficient use of English.


  • Academic level: Candidates must meet the Highschool diploma.
  • English level: Candidates must have between 78% and 84% of English proficiency.
  • Materials: Candidates must have their own computer.

Soft skills:

  • Ability to function in a team environment.
  • Proactive Analytical thinking Organized.
  • Self-learning capacity.
  • Capability to assimilate a dynamic environment.

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